10 Reasons Buying On Consignment is Better than Shopping New

Buying pre-owned clothes and other goods on consignment isn't a sign that you cannot afford something new. There are also many great reasons to shop second-hand. From significant savings to socially conscious benefits, buying on consignment is a win-win for everybody. Here are 10 of our favorite reasons why buying on consignment is much better than shopping new. 

It Costs Less to Buy Consignment Than It Does to Buy New

Many people prefer to buy second-hand because consignment shops often carry a great selection of high-quality items for lower prices. Name-brand clothing, handbags, jewelry, and shoes can be expensive, but you can usually get huge discounts off retail prices when you buy consignment. Plus, many second items tend to last longer, which means that you can invest in multiple, timeless pieces without the need to replace them every six months due to poor quality.

Buying Pre-Owned is Sustainable Fashion 

Did you know that the fashion industry is not only the second-largest industry in the world but that it is also the second-largest contributor to environmental pollution? Producing cotton clothes requires high consumption of water and energy, which can cause our climate to experience drastic changes. A high percentage of textile cotton growth relies on the heavy use of pesticides, which can acidify the soil and contaminate nearby water sources. When you buy consignment items, you are directly contributing to decreasing the demand for new things, which can lead to less waste. 

You Can Discover Rare Luxury Goods

There are hundreds of thousands of luxury consignment goods just waiting to be rediscovered. You might come across a rare luxury item, such as a limited edition or out-of-production goods. You might even stumble across something from a defunct brand you loved or a vintage treasure that reminds you of a different time. You'd be surprised what kind of unique high-end designer outfits or rare finds you can discover when buying on consignment. 

Consignment Items are Vetted for Quality 

It is not uncommon for consignment shops to carry many name-brand items at discounted prices. However, it is essential to know that a luxury consignment shop won't just buy anything with a Louis Vuitton logo. A highly knowledgeable and trained staff inspects all items that come through to ensure their authenticity and durability. 

You Have a Better Chance at Finding Unique Goods

Are you looking to make an unforgettable grand entrance? Don't just wear what everyone else is! When you shop second-hand, you'll have a much better chance at finding unique goods that nobody else has. Traditional department stores have rack after rack of the same colors and styles, but consignment shops offer an eclectic variety that makes for a fun shopping experience. 

Second Hand Luxury Goods Last Longer 

Second-hand luxury goods often last longer than regular clothes because reusing them ensures that they are used to their total capacity. Whether you purchase a used item, donate one, or give it as a gift, you can feel good knowing that you are contributing towards a more sustainable world to leave to the next generation. When purchasing a second-hand luxury good, ensure that you use it with care so that you can pass it along to the next owner.

Inventories are Constantly Updated 

One of the most significant benefits of purchasing from a consignment shop is that inventories are constantly updated. Whether you're looking for a cute summer top to complement your haircut or the perfect fall sweater to snuggle up in, you're sure to find trendy and in-season every time you decide to take a look. The next time you walk in the door, you may also find something completely unexpected that you just have to have! 

Knowledgeable Staff will Assist With Your Shopping Needs

Most consignment businesses are locally owned, which means you can expect much more personal service and attention from knowledgeable staff. Since perusing consignment racks is similar to a hobby or lifestyle, you may even develop friendships with people who share your interests. It sure beats the frustration of having to wander around a department store looking for someone willing to help you! 

You Can Find More than Just Clothes

Buying consignment is a great way to explore your current style or discover a new one, thanks to the wide selection of goods you can find. You'll find much more than clothes - when shopping second-hand, you can expect to come across anything from handbags, furniture, accessories, and more. 

You Can Make Money Off Your Luxury Items

Last but not least, you can even make money off your luxury items. Luxury clothes and accessories are investments. If you take good care of them, you can easily resell them for an attractive profit. Some Consignment shops like On Que Style will even buy the luxury goods that you wish to sell!

Get Better Luxury Consignment for Yourself 

Since we first opened our consignment business, we’ve innovated the way that passionate luxury collectors can buy and sell their favorite items. To experience the difference of true luxury consignment, browse our current selection or contact us about listing your own products for sale with OnQue Style.