How to Care for Cashmere

Keep Your Cashmere Favorites in Excellent Condition!

Cashmere is a wintertime staple for any fashionable wardrobe. Thanks to its excellent warm-to-weight ratio, cashmere is said to be eight times warmer than sheep's wool without being too bulky. Another plus is that cashmere is one of the most longest-lasting fibers, making it one of the most in-demand materials for luxury buyers. It's also a very fragile material, which means that if you own cashmere, it is essential to properly how for it to keep it in good condition.   

This blog offers new buyers or investors tips on how to care for cashmere. By keeping your luxury cashmere sweaters in excellent condition, you can eventually sell them on consignment when you no longer need them.


Why Cashmere is a Great Luxury Investment

Thanks to its durability, longevity, and scarcity, cashmere is an excellent luxury investment. A high-quality cashmere sweater can last for more than thirty years if adequately cared for. Additionally, cashmere is stylish, lightweight, and offers an incomparable level of softness and comfort. Unlike wool, cashmere has a fine texture and doesn't cause itchiness.

It has been used to produce the finest modern and vintage goods by the most renowned designers over the years. Because cashmere can be a fragile fabric, various environmental factors threaten its durability, making it an in-demand luxury item. By association, older cashmere products in excellent condition are often rare and in high demand for luxury buyers.


How to Care for Cashmere

Since cashmere is a fragile fabric, it is important to properly care for your sweaters to avoid serious snags. If you're going to keep your cashmere in good condition, it is best to hand wash or dry clean the material only. Cashmere should never be put through a washing machine where it can be subject to rough waters and contact with other, coarser fabrics. 

You can determine whether dry cleaning is an option by reading the label on your sweater and looking for a tag that says, "dry clean only." If you choose to handwash your cashmere, use a cashmere-specific shampoo. Start by turning the garment inside out and use warm water no hotter than 40 degrees F.

Soak your garment for a few minutes, and then gently squeeze it out before rinsing with cold water. 


How to Dry a Washed Cashmere Sweater

When drying a washed cashmere sweater, equal care should be taken to ensure that the material remains in great shape. Never dry a cashmere sweater with a household dryer - doing so can cause the sweater to shrink beyond fixing. 

As such, you should also avoid wringing the fabric. Instead, place the sweater between two soft towels to absorb excess moisture. Once the garment is slightly damp, put it on an even surface and away from heat. You can reshape the fabric by hand or with an iron on a cool setting to smooth out any wrinkles.


Cashmere Storage

When you choose not to wear your favorite piece, it is essential to keep it stored properly, as moths can be the greatest threat to any cashmere sweater. To avoid attracting moths, make sure to frequently clean your sweaters and keep them folded with a cedar tag on top. Cedar tags can repel moths from landing near the fabric, offering optimal protection. If you plan on storing your cashmere away for an extended period, it is good practice to keep it in a vacuum-sealed bag to prevent the accumulation of dust or dirt, which can soil your garment.


Be Mindful of What You Do When Wearing Cashmere

Since cashmere is a delicate fabric, it requires a gentler cleaning process, which can cause difficulties in removing stains or mending rips or holes. As such, you can extend the longevity of your cashmere by being mindful of what you do while you're wearing it. 

Avoid eating messy foods or drinking a colored beverage like red wine, coffee, or juice while wearing your sweater. If you do wear it out to eat, be sure to wear presentable clothing underneath if you decide to take it off while performing any of these activities. You should also avoid wearing cashmere on days where it's raining or snowing to prevent it from further damage.


If Unused, Turn It Into Cash

Cashmere is a desirable fabric for many luxury enthusiasts. If you have a collection of cashmere garments you are no longer wearing, consider selling them on consignment. At OnQue Style, we offer the most competitive consignment deals for luxury listings and will work to get your items sold to the right buyer. To get started, contact us today or open a consignment account with us online.