Delvaux Black & Silver Clear Gladiator Bag


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100% Authentic

Limited Edition Delvaux Tempête Le Gladiator Limited Edition This Tempête Gladiator was constructed with 15 moulds of differently sized scales which took an entire year to develop and perfect. The result is a sturdy looking bag, with a shell-like motif reminiscent of the protective breastplate armour worn by gladiators. Look closely and you’d also notice that the scales on the Gladiator are actually made up of two colours – Antique Silver and Gold – to create a subtle ombré effect. Its small copper spikes on the underside of the bag, too, enhances this edgy “warrior” vibe. The bag comes with a fabric shoulder strap

12"L x 4"W x 9"H

Very Good Condition some light wear to the bottom ( Surface marks )



NM 3.26.21

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