Hermes Pale Blue Picotin 22 Clemence Leather Gold Hardware


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100% Authentic

The Hermès Picotin Lock), named after an ancient unit measurement, is a bucket bag inspired by horse feedbags.  The Picotin Lock has a minimalist design comprising the bindle, two flat straps, a leather tab closure and a Hermès padlock.  The padlock was added to the original design, and when introduced, the name of the bag was officially changed from Picotin to Picotin Lock.  The bag has a natural leather lining, making it lightweight and easy to tote.

Hermes Picotin Lock 22 MM size tote bag featured in Blue Pale Clemence leather with Gold hardware. 

Length 8.75"x7"wx8.25"h

Excellent Condition


NM 1.5.21




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