Hermes Tan Barenia Leather Sellier 35cm Kelly Palladium Hardware


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Sellier – “boxy, structured, rigid” - The Kelly Sellier has visible topstitching along the side seams and no exterior piping like the Retourne. The corners and edges are “sharper” contributing to a more boxy look. Compared the retourne, the craftsmanship of the Sellier is a little more difficult and requires more steps. The seams are topstitched together and bees wax is applied to the edges, which protects the bag from damage. Due to this method of construction, the Sellier appears larger than a retourne in the same size. Out of the two styles, the Sellier is more limited.

Barenia leather - Male calf leather contains elasticity, a matte texture, and is very delicate like tanned leather. With time, the leather’s original oil content changes the color into a maturing color with a slightly glossy touch. Barenia is buttery smooth, Like “Chamonix”, it's frequently combined with white top stitch and commonly is distinguished by natural "Hermès Made In France" blind stamps.

13.75" L x 5.5" W x 10.25"H

Rare to find this in a Sellier and Barenia Leather in a 35cm Kelly

Excellent Condition


NM 12.8.21


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