Fall Fashion 2021: Top 10 Timeless Staples

With autumn just weeks away, it’s time to get excited about the 2021 fall fashion season! You’ll fall head over heels for these trendy yet timeless staples that you can enjoy year after year. Whether you’re looking for some new outfit inspiration or just looking to shop the essentials, here are the top ten must-haves for the upcoming season! 

Leather Boots

Whether your preference is ankle or over the knee, a good pair of leather boots is sure to bring out your inner fall fashionista. Leather boots are more comfortable and durable than their suede counterparts and are more resistant to autumn dirt and rain. They look good with nearly any outfit, making them an absolute must for your wardrobe.

Crossbody Leather Bags

Have you ever been caught up in choosing the right handbag? Avoid the stress of indecision by adding a crossbody leather bag to your fall fashion lineup this year. Crossbody bags add a stylish accent to any outfit and are easy to carry. They can fit nicely under a coat or jacket and allow hands-free movement so you can shop and socialize in style. 

A High-Quality Leather Jacket 

When it comes to fall fashion, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality leather jacket to stay warm when the temperature begins to change. Leather jackets offer more than just a stylish appearance - the thick material keeps your body safe from the elements. Offering the best of both worlds with durability and softness, they are easy to clean, making for a timeless fall wardrobe staple.

A Stylish Water-Resistant Jacket 

Don’t let the crisp weather give you chills - be sure to keep a stylish, water-resistant jacket on hand to match whatever you’re wearing. Water-resistant jackets are especially popular among hiking enthusiasts, as it's common to get caught in the rain during an autumn hike. 

Plaid Patterns 

While the leaves are falling from the trees, plaid patterns are abundant when the weather starts to turn. This year, you can welcome fall with plaid everything! Whether you like to wear your plaid as a flannel, jacket, skirt, or scarf, it often comes in a variety of colors that go with everything. With so many options to choose from, you can even sport plaid all week long.

Light Scarves

You can’t have pumpkin spice season without a light scarf to go with it. Not only can you enhance your autumn wardrobe with a variety of trendy colors and materials, but scarves also protect your neck and shoulders from chilly weather while adding personality to your outfit of the day. 


Cardigans are super versatile and a lifesaver for those days where it’s a little too warm for a jacket. Whether you need to dress up or down, a cardigan can provide you with plenty of style and comfort for any occasion. Cardigans are popular among men and women and lend a sense of confidence to anyone who wears one.  

Sweatshirts, Pullovers, or Zip-Ups

Warm up this fall with a well-designed sweatshirt, pullover, or zip-up. Perfect for men and women alike, these versatile items can be worn casually or to work. Whether you prefer a comfortable sweatshirt to relax in, a pullover to bundle up in, or a convenient zip-up for cool mornings and warm afternoons, having all three on hand is an absolute must! 

Baggy Sweaters

Oversized clothing is becoming the next big thing, and that includes baggy sweaters. Cute, comfortable, and trendy, these sweaters are great for celebrating the changing of the seasons in style. Baggy sweaters are best worn with jeans but go well with any outfit, making for endless possibilities. 

Casual Suits/Blazers

Make a bold statement this season by adding a casual suit or blazer to your fall wardrobe. Suits and blazers are a comfortable alternative to dressy outfits and are often much more inexpensive than traditional business wear. Best of all, you can take blazers off during downtime and quickly put them back on for any last-minute client meetings.

From leather boots and jackets to baggy sweaters and casual blazers, you’ll never run out of outfit ideas when you have these timeless staples in your wardrobe. As we bid farewell to summer and say hello to fall, be sure that you’re fully prepared to celebrate autumn fashion in full swing. If you have your own fall staples that you’re looking to part with, you can submit them to consignment to help others enjoy them, too!